Deck Maintenance

Often times your deck gets more wear and use than other areas of your home that need maintenance. This is why you should consider maintaining your deck every other year. Whether it is simply a thorough cleaning or light sand and coat of stain, this process will extend the life and good look of your deck by years.

There are a number of fantastic deck products on the market to choose from. We will talk about some options when we meet.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when getting ready to stain your deck. I will need you to answer a few questions to help offer the best solution to maintain your deck. The type of wood, previously used products and looking at the problem at hand are the three primary areas to look at when approaching a deck.

Once we look at the deck there could be a number of approaches. We have done everything from stripping decks down to bare wood and starting fresh to simply cleaning and applying an additional coat of stain that was previously used. We always recommend finding a product that you like and sticking with it over the lifespan of the deck -unless of course there was a problem with a previous used product in which case we will move you to a new product.

Call us today for a free estimate on having your deck treated properly.

-- Ryan Robichaud, Owner