Safer Choice

Robichaud Painting always strives to use not only the best products available but also the safest. We use a wide variety of premium products that are low and zero VOC certified. This helps eliminate poor air quality while also allowing you to keep the same or better wash-ability and color retention you get out of paints with higher VOCís.

Zero VOC Paints/ Low VOC Paints

Zero VOC and low VOC paints can be found at most paint stores. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCís consist of carbon compounds that evaporate in our air and can be found in many paints, stains, detergents, new furniture, and other household products. In paint with VOCís fumes emit that take several days to dissipate and can remain on a surface until repainted. High levels of VOCís can cause nausea, headaches, irritable eyes, and influence asthma attacks. Using low and 0 VOC products are recommended for people who are pregnant, if you have a new born baby, young children, animals, allergies, frequent headaches, sensitive to smells, or simply want to use safer products in your home or office.

Environmental Protection Agency Regulations

The EPA has regulations in place for properly dealing with the abruption of lead based paint dust. We have taken the course and licensed the company with the state to properly handle homes with lead based paints. All homes built pre 1978 or where lead is suspected will be tested for lead. If the home does contain lead you will receive more information about the process. Donít be worried, we deal with this stuff all the time. We have systems in place to notify anyone who could be exposed to the work area. We contain chips and dust, and most important, proper cleanup procedures are done daily. By following strict regulations, and using environmentally friendly products, we provide a safer working environment for you and us.

HEPA vacuum cleaners

We own a couple of styles of HEPA vacuums. The benefit of hiring a contractor that frequently uses HEPA vacuums is vast. The HEPA filter collects all the tiny particles that could otherwise end up back in the air with a traditional jobsite shop vacuum. Whether it is lead, oil, acrylic paint, joint compound, dirt or other job site dust we can all agree that it serves no purpose being forced back out into the air by a traditional vacuum.

Dust Free Sanding

We offer dust free sanding if a job calls for excessive sanding. We simply have attachment sanders with hoses that flow directly into to the HEPA Vacuum. Between this device and providing plastic doorways, we can nearly eliminate dust throughout your home. This service is used at our discretion unless requested. As always, we are about workmanship but not every project requires this type of setup and may cost a little more.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In general, my employees and I are conscious of minimizing waste and maximizing the use of products we use daily. We always look out for new ways and opportunities to be efficient while leaving a cleaner footprint.

This list includes:

Donating between 50-100 excess or unused paint cans to local organizations.

Properly removing opened cans and oil based paints at local hazardous waste deposits every spring.

By purchasing quality naps and brushes they last longer. They allow us to use and wash them out multiple times. Believe it or not they work better after the first use. They hold more paint and donít shed. I get itÖ this doesnít make or break much. However, when we consider the fact that we use up to 300 roller covers a year, and several thousandís over the lifespan of our time in business, it holds some weight.

Contact us today to learn more about our eco-safe painting that protect your family and the environment.