Each exterior painting project receives an evaluation by Ryan Robichaud (Owner) to gather the scope of work that is required to meet your wants and needs. There are a handful of reasons why we get called out to paint homes. The most common reasons to repaint and maintain your homeís exterior are to preserve the wood and allow it to withhold moisture and sunlight, change the color or simply beautify the home to maintain an attractive appearance. Regardless of what your specific needs are, we are here to service your homeís coating maintenance and be depended upon for these services. Below is an outline of a typical exterior repaint with minimal variations from home to home. We also paint new homes!!

Estimate Phase

Step 1: You realize that we look like the company of choice to hire for your painting needs. Call or email me and I will respond promptly if not immediately. Schedule an appointment for an estimate.

Step 2: We meet for an estimate and we see what needs to be done. I will provide you with answers to your questions and bring up common sense suggestions that best fit your homeís needs for paint maintenance. We will talk about the prep, the coating system needed, time frames to start, repair, types of paint and much more.

Step 3: You will receive my written estimate with all the details within two days via email or by scheduling a second appointment. I have a great PDF style contract that is very easy to follow and opens up on most computers.

Step 4: Make the right choice. Hire us this spring, summer or fall for your exterior painting needs and you will not regret your decision.

Preparation Phase

Step 1: Washing/Cleaning We properly clean the surfaces to be painted with the appropriate detergent followed by a thorough pressure wash. This is an essential phase of painting simply because it ensures that we are preparing and painting over a clean surface that will provide a longer lasting paint job. Whether we need to remove the mold or just salt and road dust we know what to use for each project.

Step 2: Replace/ Repair Evaluate what needs to be repaired or replaced. At this point we have already identified what looks rotted or cracked. The day we wash your homeís exterior is when we get the full scope of repair (if any). So if there is anything else that is not easily spotted during the initial meeting we will know this day. Our repair is always estimated at an hourly rate format with a high and low range based at $40.00 per hour plus materials.

Step 3: Scraping/ Sanding After the house has had 4-6 days to fully dry out, we can begin to scrape and sand the surfaces to be painted. During this step we look out for the flaking, blistering or peeling paint and loose calking or putty to scrape down with several style tools. If the surface does not contain lead we always follow our scraping with a thorough sanding step. By using 80 or 100 grit sandpaper, depending on the surface, we can feather out the edges of where the remaining paint meets the removed paint for a smoother finish.

Step 4: Priming We have already selected the best primer and areas that need a new base coat for the specific project. Some houses need a full coat of primer while others are in considerably good shape and donít require a full primer, rather just the areas scraped and sanded. Primers are applied with sprayers and or brushes and provide a new base coat for the finish paint. This is also a crucial step for providing a durable paint job that will last.

Step 5: Caulking Notice we havenít started this step until now? Have you ever attempted to caulk/seal a gap or corner before it was primed? Well if so you know that it does not hold up for a very long time. That is because caulking is designed to bond very well to a clean, dry and primed surface. If you have had a painter in the past do this, this is just one other reason why you want to have a professional like us to seal the areas of your home that need it. Also, we never caulk underneath clapboards while doing this would not allow your siding to have the breathability it need to allow the paint to hold up.

Painting Phase

Step 1: Covering the grounds/ Plastic over windows While we have already been around your home 2-3 times covering areas as needed from falling paint chips, primers and caulking, it is finally time to start painting. We use plenty of drop clothes over the grounds, bushes, driveways, etc. We tape plastic up on all windows and doors to protect them from paint drips and over spray.

Step 2: Painting or Staining We pick the best wall to start on and get started top to bottom and keep going around the house. We have all the proper supplies to ensure your quality coating is thorough and efficient. We do this with brushes, sprayers and sometimes rollers on some areas. Depending on the style home we are on we may vary where we begin. In general the best approach is to paint all siding followed by the trim. Sometimes, especially with older homes with very large soffits, it makes sense to spray the soffits first and then start painting the siding. This step is dependent on our years of experience and expertise to pick the best place to start and finish.

Step 3: Touchup/ Cleanup/ Pack up After several days of hard work we are almost done. Never rushing a finish is part of our key to success. Before we pack up our equipment and move to the next house we always make sure that the job is done to our satisfaction and yours. It is important to our reputation that we fulfill our end of the deal to you and that the job is 100% complete.

Completion Phase

Once we have agreed that our work met all of your expectations I will submit my final bill. We will be in business when you need future maintenance inside or outside your home. We will be open to your referrals and take the same care with them as we did with you.

Call us today for a free estimate on having your home's exterior painted.

-- Ryan Robichaud, Owner