Interior painting

We understand that hiring a contractor to paint one or all of the rooms in your home can be difficult process. We do our best to make this go as smooth as possible for you.

We are the "go to" contractor for someone you can trust working inside your home whether you are home or away. We have just as much experience painting new or old interiors as we do with our exterior business. We realize the the two processes are different in there own ways and have different requirements.

I always recommend low or zero VOC paints when working inside homes as they emit much less harmful paint fumes and are much healthier and safer for breath-ability even after the paint odor goes away. Our daily setup and cleanup is on point with what you expect out of a professional painting contractor. Staying organized and moving swiftly through your home is our main goal along with quality work as always.

We do ask that personal items and small movable items are removed prior to our arrival. Larger objects will be centered in each room and cover until the painting is complete.

Our interior preparation consists of sanding and cleaning areas to be painted, priming areas discussed, patching small or large holes and caulking all gaps.

Before we begin we will have already selected color and sheen for each area painted.

The two preferred paints we recommend are Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Two finish coats are generally required for most paint projects for best results.

I look forward to helping you out with your next interior painting project.

Call us today for a free estimate on having your home's interior painted.  

-- Ryan Robichaud, Owner