Repairs before painting

We also perform most repairs on the outside of your home before we start to paint. We can use the exact same wood that is currently on your home or an AZEC (Plastic) style replacement to ensure that it will not rot or split ever again. The most common repairs that we can properly address are:

Siding Replacement: Whether it is an entire wall or several small rotted or cracked pieces of siding.

Trim Boards: Corner boards, windows casings, soffits or fascia boards.

Window Sills: We can replace the entire sill or the sill nose. We recommend going with PVC for this replacement as they manufacture an easy install product that will not rot out ever again.

Plywood and House wrap: If we open up rotted or cracked boards and find that the under layers need repair you will be notified of this type of repair. Most times this type of repair is not noted during the initial estimate simply because we can only see the surface. We use ice and water shield for the majority of our repairs that require new wrapping.

Other Repairs: We do not provide other repairs such as windows, doors, or roofs, etc. I can refer trusted contractors for this type of work. Our time is much better spent painting homes and focusing on what we do every day to best serve our customers.

Call us today for a free estimate on having minor repairs completed and your home's exterior painted.

-- Ryan Robichaud, Owner