Our Exterior painting services start with a detailed personal inspection by Ryan Robichaud, Owner/Painter. He will examine the exterior condition of your home to determine condition and analyze any issues. He will present you with a formal estimate within two days of his review.

The painting preparation process will consist of washing and cleaning the surfaces of your home; repairing of any defects or problems; scraping and sanding of the surface; and finally priming as needed.

The finish paint process start with covering all bushes, windows, etc. Next, the actual finish painting will take place using brushes, sprayers, and rollers as appropriate to the job. The final step is cleanup of all materials, supplies, and the painting area.

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When it comes to Interior Painting, you need a contractor that you are comfortable letting into your home. We are that contractor - trustworthy, responsible, and considerate.

Well begin the process with an examination of the areas you want painted. We'll provide you with an estimate for all work to be done.

The interior painting process starts with sanding and cleaning the areas to be painted. We will then prime as needed, patching small or large holes, and caulk all gaps. We'll apply top quality interior paints, typically two coats, for the best finish. We always recommend low or zero VOC interior paints for both the environmental health of you and your family as well as an almost odorless application.

After painting, we will clean up the areas we have worked in. Our customers often remark that the areas are cleaner when we leave than when we arrive. .

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We can also perform many minor repairs on the outside of your home before we start to paint. Our services include Siding Replacement, Trim Board replacement, Windows Sill Repair or Replacement. We can also replace plywood if we find problems beneath the surface when performing other repairs or preparation. If your house requires significant carpentry services, we can recommend trusted contractors who will do the job right to get your house ready for paint.

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Unlike the Exterior and Interior walls of your house, Decks are horizontal surfaces that are not only walked on but have snow and water sitting on them for significant periods of time. For this reason, deck surfaces wear quickly. We recommend bi-annual maintenance for maximum protection and deck life.

As with our other painting projects, we'll start with an examination of your deck. We'll discuss the condition of your deck with you and determine the best approach and products to be used. Depending on the condition of your deck, we will recommend a simple cleaning an re-coating or a more extensive surface prep and minor repair before we do any finish work.

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